Salford Home Care Redesign Project

In recent years, there have been several national reports highlighting a range of challenges for the home care market that are familiar to both providers and people using services. The contracts for home care provision in Salford expire this autumn. The Salford Home Care Transformation project will facilitate the redesign and transformation of the provision of home care services using a co-design approach. This exciting work builds on the views of staff and colleagues. Patient experience is at the heart of the redesign work. We asked Salford organisations, community groups, clinicians, commissioners and patient to come together to inform what Salford Home Care services will look like.

You can revisit all the learning from the consultation process below as well as the feedback session;

Salford Home Care Transformation Project Workshop 1

Salford Home Care Transformation Project Workshop 2

Salford Home Care Transformation Project Workshop 3

Salford Home Care Redesign Feedback, Testing and Refinement Workshop

Salford Home Care Redesign Films

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