Give me some time to think | Liz and Mike’s story


This patient story focuses on the effervescent Liz & Mike from Rochdale, Mike lives with vascular dementia and his wife Liz cares for him.

As a couple, Liz and Mike struggle to navigate our complex health and care systems in their attempts to get the support Mike’s vascular dementia diagnosis needs. But we’ll tell you a secret, this is more than a patient story about dementia, this is the story of Liz and Mike and how they use their voices to make a positive change.

Give Me Some Time to Think – Liz and Mike’s Story from Haelo on Vimeo.

I encourage you to all the share this film far and wide, to get this deserving story out across our health care economy. This isn’t a film about vascular dementia, this as a reminder of what’s really at the heart of our health care system – people wanting to live their lives.

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