Integrated Care in Action week 2020

Integrated Care in Action week 2020

Integrated Care in Action week is an opportunity to highlight the benefits of bringing together health and social care services.

During this year’s event, we showcased a range of integrated care initiatives alongside examples of best practice and learning from Salford’s journey toward’s providing a fully integrated health and care system.


Day 1: Monday 9 March

Today marks the start of Integrated Care in Action week, an opportunity to showcase Salford’s journey to providing a fully integrated health and care system.

Salford Together is a partnership of organisations that have joined forces to transform the health and care system, ensuring that local people have access to coordinated services that can enable them to live healthier lives and get the care and treatment they need, in the right place at the right time.

Find out more in this short film…⤵️



Day 2: Tuesday 10 MarchSalford Together celebration

Salford’s journey to provide a fully integrated care system began in 2014 and focused on bringing together older people’s services.  The successes and challenges of this were reviewed and used to underpin the development of an Integrated Care Organisation bringing together more than 2000 health and social care staff.

This infographic outlines successes and milestones from some of our service transformation work, including:

  • Urgent Care Team
  • Enhanced Care team
  • Enhanced Carers Support Service
  • Centre of Contact
  • specialist Housing Officer
  • specialist Mental Health support


Day 3: Wednesday 11 March

Day 4: Thursday 12 March


Day 5: Friday 13 March

Day 6: Saturday 14 March

Day 7: Sunday 15 March


Salford Together quotesListening to people’s experience of using or providing integrated care services in Salford lets us know how we’re doing and is a crucial part of making sure we’re on the right track.

A positive experience can mean we’re getting it right. But when people have had a less-than-great experience, the things they tell us are used to make tweaks and changes for the future.

Find out some of the things that people have said in this infographic. ▶