Services That Can Help at Home or in The Community

We want to provide services to help people remain at home, or recover during, or after, a physical, mental health or social care crisis.

Our plan is to provide coordinated and personalised services that respond quickly to people whose health or social care needs suddenly deteriorate at home or for people who require support when they are leaving hospital.

These services, co-ordinated through neighbourhood teams, will provide responsive care to enable people to recover and be independent.

We will also provide a new crisis response team in communities to support people in a physical, mental or social care crisis. This team will consist of a number of health and care professionals such as physiotherapists, community nurses, mental health professionals, advanced practitioners and social workers will provide an urgent response when needed within two hours.


  • Helping people get extra care when they need it to help them stay in, or close to, their home
  • Responsive care and urgent response when needed, ensuring the only choice for people isn’t a visit or stay in hospital.