Sharing Medical and Care Records

As part of our ambition to make the treatment and care people receive as seamless as possible, our health and social care professionals need to see the relevant information about them so that they can focus on the needs of patients and service users.

Patients have told us they don’t want to have to tell their story every time they see a professional involved in their care; this can be stressful and takes a long time.

The Salford Integrated record (SIRC) will be a truly integrated record of care and will be available to all care services to include: GPs, Hospital Staff, District Nurses, Social Care and Mental Health.

It will be a truly integrated record and be available to health and care professionals providing your care when they see you or when they are preparing for your visit.


  • People will not have to repeat basic information e.g. about allergies and medications, this information will be visible to improve safety
  • People won’t receive unnecessary duplicate tests and can be assured their care givers have the up to date information they need
  • Professional/Care giver can review the patient’s summary health record in advance and can avoid ringing other organisations  to gather important information to give the best care