Improving Access to GP and Community Services

We want people who have a medical need to have quick and timely access to a GP in a way that suits them. However, demand for GP services is increasing because of, among other things, an ageing and growing population.  People are living longer and many people in Salford are living with a number of long term conditions (such as high blood pressure, heart disease and diabetes). This means more people need access to a GP.

This is placing a strain on the system and it is not uncommon for people to have to wait a number of weeks for a GP appointment.

However, sometimes the GP might not be the best person to see. People could be seen and treated quicker or more appropriately by a nurse, mental health practitioner or a physiotherapist for example.  That’s where ‘care navigation’ comes in.

Care navigators are people how have received specialist training to give them the skills to correctly direct and refer patients, ensuring they get the service they need faster.

We believe by making changes to primary care (including GP and Pharmacy Services) and community services, we can help people manage their mental health and long term conditions and ensure GP practices are working more closely together to meet people’s needs.


  • Meeting patients’ needs and helping them get to the right service faster
  • Freeing up GP appointment slots and improving access to primary care