About us

Salford Together is a partnership between Salford City Council, NHS Salford Clinical Commissioning Group, Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust, Salford Primary Care Together and Greater Manchester Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust.

The CCG and the council have pooled resources and now combined budget for adult health and social care services.  This means we can use money more flexibly across the Health and Social Care for the best for patients.

We are working together to provide more integrated care and new models of care to meet the needs of our changing population.

The integrated care programme originally focused on people aged 65 years and older. It was tested and refined in Swinton and Eccles, which accounted for around 40 per cent of older people in Salford. The successes and challenges of implementing integrated care in these areas was fully reviewed and the Integrated Care Programme for older people extended across the entire city

Salford has a proud history, strong culture and a bright future. However, we have many challenges:

Salford Together Infographic