Salford Together

Salford Together is a partnership of Salford City Council, NHS Salford Clinical Commissioning Group, Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust and Greater Manchester West Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust.

Together, this partnership is working to transform health and care for adults in Salford, bringing together the contributions of GPs, District Nurses, social workers, mental health professionals, care homes, voluntary organisations and local hospitals into a more aligned system and provide adults with the support they need to manage their own care.

Salford Together’s aim is to help those who are well and healthy stay active and busy so they stay healthier for longer and support those who have care needs to improve their quality of life and independence, with an overall focus on improving the health and wellbeing of all adults across the city.

Our original integrated care model was tested and refined working with people aged 65 or older in Swinton and Eccles. The successes and challenges of implementing integrated care in these areas has been fully evaluated and local citizens have been engaged to help us develop the model and shape various aspects of integrated care, in particular, shared care plans.

As our work continues, it is hoped the more people across the city will experience the benefits of this new, integrated way of working.