Centre of Contact


In 2011 Adult Social Care created a single entry point to streamline social care, known as the adult social care contact team. The staffing model of customer care staff and social care professionals enabled 70% of calls received to be resolved there and then, with only 30% being directed to community teams.

In 2013, as a key element of the Integrated Care programme for older people, proposals were developed to build on the model with the creation of an integrated Centre of Contact. The model for was multifaceted and included multiple services, describing a single entry point for health and social care providing navigation, support and advice for the general public and professionals.

The vision for Centre of Contact is three fold:

  1. Integrated Health and Social Care (H&SC) screening first line response officers across the 3 service areas – get the right service support at the right time by the right person
  2. Sign posting, information and advice at the point of contact – promoting independence and well-being, linking into local community assets
  3. Clinical/ professional support for triage, risk assessment , intervention at the point of contact and co-ordinated referral for further assessment where appropriate

What’s next?

We’re currently underway with a test of change project to strengthen and develop further the model in 3 areas enabling better integration of teams working across 5 days. The test of change will further develop the concept of care navigation and implement a multi-disciplinary team triage.

We aim to ensure the best possible care is delivered as efficiently as possible, which is essential for service users. Fully implementing the vision for the Centre of Contact will ensure people access the right care, in the right place at the right time and will support and promote independence through care navigation, signposting and wellbeing advice. Through this work we will consider future phases including how professionals access the centre of contact and links to neighbourhood models.

For further information and how to access the Centre of Contact, please visit https://www.salford.gov.uk/health-and-social-care/