Event Review: Our Journey to an Integrated Health and Social Care System – May 2017

Welcome to the event blog for: Our journey to an Integrated Health & Social Care System, held on Monday 15 May 2017 at The Lowry, Salford Quays.

This learning experience will showcase how we’ve come together as a partnership to improve system outcomes, hosted for staff working in statutory organisations who are working together to design their integrated care journey. In our live event review, see the updates as they happen and catch up with what you may have missed.
You can follow updates from the day on via twitter @SalfordTogether and #SalfordTogether.

The event today will be an interactive learning event with a variety of topics and speakers. Participants are invited today to understand our journey, to celebrate the work so far and set direction for the future.

Jack Sharp, Executive Director of Service Strategy and Development at Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust gives our attendees a warm welcome and begins inclusively by reinforcing the aims of Salford Together programme. “It’s very much about sharing our journey.” Jack describes the focus of the programme as establishing integrated care system that is accountable and would be sustainable from clinical, care and financial perspectives. He acknowledges the need for navigation and that there may be “some diversions on the road” but praises the progress that has been made so far by Salford partners.


Karen Proctor, Head of Commissioning at Salford Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), now takes the stage to explain the context around Salford Older People Programmes and Joint Initiatives. Karen describes how “services were fragmented and could be coordinated better.” These findings have led to a wide range of stakeholder engagement that has informed the redesign of services around integrated care.


Jenny Walton, GP Commissioner, talks about how the Salford health economy has taken those learnings and already begun to integrate services to provide ‘the best’ service for the patient. A priority has been the expansion of the Salford integrated record to include mental health and social care which can be accessed by all partners to inform a patient shared care plan.

Jenny now introduces Ian Ashworth, Consultant in Public Health, who talks of wider alignment of locality plans to provide a joined up approach to health and social care.

Karen leads a short question and answer session before we pause for a break.


Elizabeth Calder, Assistant Director of Service Reform, Salford Royal Foundation Trust now opens our next session: Salford Together Continuing our Integrated Journey. Elizabeth gives a brief overview before introducing Bernie Enright, who speaks at length on culture and organisational development for the ICO. “Staff are our most valuable asset.” Bernie describes the importance of the workforce development programme and how integration between health services has led to the “best of both worlds across health and social care.”

Next to provide the mental health perspective is Alison Harris, Consultant Clinical Psychologist at Greater Manchester Mental Health. Mental Health is a “fully fledged partner” in the ICO and have integrated services since 2004. Alison introduces a short film with Chief Executive of Greater Manchester Mental Health, Bev Humphrey.

Next up is Neil Turton, Chief Executive of Salford Primary Care Together who talks about the aims, structure and integration of primary care including system transformation, accountability, delivery and primary care transformation.

June Roberts, Head of Service Transformation & Innovation at Salford Together now discusses the transformation plan priorities encompassing the need to co-create, how services need to be entirely focussed on being patient centred and promoting independence as a key message that underpins the whole programme. June explains how evaluation has been “integrated from very start” and how we are “working together as an accountable care system.”

We’re back from lunch and now move into the workshop sessions; creating our Integrated Care Organisation and building the system continued. Attendees are now encouraged to be split into six groups for workshops;

Governance and Commissioning,
Business Case and Approvals,
HR (Pension and TUPE),
Organisational Development.

June Roberts and Bernie Enright wrap up today’s event. “Culture eats strategy for breakfast – you need culture before strategy.” We are here to support people in our communities, that’s the journey and the destination.


Salford Together slides – May 2017

Salford Together Agenda