WELCOME to the third edition of the ICP Staff Bulletin.

In this issue, we introduce staff to the online assessment tool, AskSARA, which offers guided advice and help for those who might be struggling with things like bathing, toileting, getting on and off chairs, in the kitchen or any other type of day-to-day activity.

By completing this simple assessment, at a time and place convenient for them, Salford residents can get their very own personalised report, complete with tips and advice on what they can do to help with daily activities. This might include information about things such as walking aids, bath-steps or hand rails for the stairs and where they can be bought locally.

There are also two interesting case studies.

The first involves Judd Skelton, Interim Head of Integrated Commissioning, who kindly assisted the NHS Clinical Commissioners – the independent membership organisation of clinical commissioning groups – in showcasing examples of early intervention in mental health.

The other case study features the work of an Multi-Disciplinary Group (MDG) and how a patient benefited from being discussed around an MDG table after MDG Nurse, Laura Collins’ timely intervention.

We also bring good tidings in reporting that Salford Together partnership has been shortlisted for the prestigious HSJ Awards 2016 Awards under the Improved Partnerships between Health and Local Government category. That really is a pat-on-the-back for everyone involved in integrated care in Salford.

And there’s more, so read on and we hope you enjoy this issue.