A single voice for general practice

SPCT logoThis important development will enable Salford to better deliver joined-up, holistic care, providing a platform for GP practices to work more closely together with health and social care partners.

Neil Turton, Interim Chief Executive, Salford Primary Care Together, said: “The enthusiasm created at the members’ event in May has brought about a real opportunity for Salford to lead the way once more.

“The creation of a single voice for general practice will strengthen our ability to transform health care at a neighbourhood level to improve the wellbeing of Salford citizens.”


Following the pledge, GPs and practice staff have been involved in shaping neighbourhood working for the new model within interactive workshops at a series of neighbourhood meetings throughout June and July.

The next step will be to develop a business case for Salford Primary Care Together due to be completed in August 2016.  This will set out the funding required to develop and drive the organisation.

The team leading this development has now transitioned into a shadow board for Salford Primary Care Together as an interim measure and their names and interim roles are shown below.

Role Name
Medical Director Dr Mhairi Yates
Clinical Transformation Director Dr Paul Bishop
Chief Executive Dr Neil Turton
Chair Francine Thorpe

The shadow board has representation on the Advisory Board, which is driving forward Salford’s Integrated Care System and, nationally, on the Dartmouth Institute Programme funded by the New Care Models team at NHS England. This places Salford general practice at the heart of transforming health and social care.

It is envisaged that Salford Primary Care Together will take on its new legal form in October 2016, with the formal appointment to board positions and a programme of staff recruitment.

We will continue to keep stakeholders informed at key stages of this development and will be seeking further input over the coming months.

Photo above: The Salford Primary Care Together pledge. l-r: Anthony Hassall, Chief Accountable officer, Salford CCG, Dr Paul Bishop, Interim Clinical Transformation Director, Dr Mhairi Yates, Interim Medical Director, Dr Nick Browne, Chief Executive, Salix Health, Dr Neil Turton, Interim Chief Executive, Salford Primary Care Together, and Sir David Dalton, Chief Executive, Salford Royal