Bernadette Elder – Coordinator, Inspiring Communities Together

Bernadette has more than fifteen years’ experience of working with communities supporting individuals to come together toBernadette Elder1 generate positive actions to neighbourhood priorities.

Bernadette is currently employed as the Chief Executive Officer for Inspiring Communities Together (ICT) a Charity Incorporated Organisation which, through its continued belief that communities have the skills and knowledge to do things for themselves, has been able to build strong relationships with partners working in neighbourhoods, as well as support community voices to be heard concerning local priorities.

The organisation has quickly built a positive reputation for their skills in an asset-based approach to neighbourhood working.

ICT currently deliver the Community Asset mapping workstream of the Integrated Care Programme for Older People in Salford.  This work brings together partners from voluntary sector, public health, university and older people to develop and deliver a programme of work which provides:

  • Improved outcomes for older people in Salford – effective use of community assets across Salford to support solutions to health and wellbeing for and by older people;
  • Better informed older people able to manage their own health and wellbeing – information is accessible in a number of formats and written in plain English; and:
  • Better coordination amongst stakeholders – sharing of resources and reducing duplication to improve health and wellbeing outcomes for older people.

Contact details:   Tel: 0161 743 3625