The Next Phase – Extending Integrated Care to Adults

The next stage of the programme intends to further build upon our successes across health and social care that have taken place in Salford by expanding to include the adult population.

This development will also see GPs working together to provide more joined up care locally, pharmacists provided within GP practices and in addition the potential creation of a new organisation for adult health and social care (known as the Integrated Care Organisation).

This decision was taken in view of the many challenges that our society is facing. Click here to learn more about these challenges.

The aims of integrated care for adults and older people are:

  • Better health and social care outcomes;
  • Improved experience for service users and carers; and
  • Reduced health and social care costs.

The proposed vision

Partners in Salford Together have a shared vision to create an ICO that:

Delivers significant improvements in experience and outcomes for service users by 

  • Promoting prevention and independence;
  • Providing person-centred health and care services;
  • Delivering more care in our communities;
  • Supporting our staff through new models and integrated systems; and
  • Using pooled resources more efficiently.