Final countdown to the launch of the ICO

The countdown to the launch of the ICO has begun and colleagues from all partner organisations have already started working together to ensure a smooth transition on day one.

A period of shadow management started in April, enabling colleagues from the acute hospital, social care and mental health teams to ensure effective working management arrangements and communication systems are in place prior to implementation.

Members of the senior leadership team have been meeting regularly to find out more about the various services and teams that will form the ICO and to continue building professional relationships.

Chris Evans, Managing Director for the division of Salford Health and Social Care, said: “We have started blending together the different systems in use by all the partner organisations to ensure we can maintain the best processes and practices that we all have to offer.

“This is the start of a journey that will bring with it a lot of learning but we have already achieved so much and we know that together, we can ensure this pioneering new model of care will be a huge success and will benefit not only our patients and service users but those colleagues who will be delivering the first class care and treatment we pride ourselves on.”

Colleagues joining from Salford City Council should now have received an invite to an on-boarding session, which will be extremely useful to help you get to grips with new systems so you can concentrate on continuing to provide an excellent service with the minimum of disruption.

During week one of the ICO, senior colleagues will be visiting teams and departments to gather feedback and answer any questions you may have. Please take this opportunity to share your views with the senior team; tell them what has gone well and what could have gone better during transition. Your feedback is essential to ensure we continue to improve and develop the organisation in the coming weeks and months.