IT access from day one

From Friday 1 July, all ICO staff will be provided with access to a Salford Royal email address and Salford Royal corporate systems.

The email address is required for access to corporate systems but staff are asked to continue using their Salford City Council email for day to day use until their Lync communicator and outlook client have been migrated.

Prior to the migration, Salford Royal email will only be accessible via webmail and should only be used when prompted eg, corporate system password resets.

The migration will be performed on a site-by-site basis, starting from Monday 4 July with Salford Royal IT staff visiting each site to support users. Salford City Council IT will migrate the accounts overnight and Salford Royal IT will be on site the following morning to assist in configuring outlook and ensuring systems are still working.

There will be no change to the way you log on to your computer or how you access documents and CareFirst.

Users should continue to contact the Salford City Council service desk with any faults or queries.

The following Salford Royal corporate systems can be accessed via the Salford City Council intranet from July 1:

  • Ask the Executive Team
  • E-Learning and Mandatory Training Booking
  • Snowdrop Mandatory Training Reporting
  • Appraisal Recording
  • E-Expenses
  • Emails
  • Integra e-Requisitioning system
  • Job vacancies
  • Meeting Room Manager / MRM
  • ESR / SMART- Personnel / Absence recording
  • The Phone / Pager Directory
  • Trust policy / procedure site
  • Adverse Incident Reporting / Datix system
  • Information Portal (proDacapo)
  • Self Service Password Reset

The direct link to corporate systems is http://intranet/policies-resources/on-line-system/

Once the transfer process has begun, regular updates will be sent out to ensure staff are aware of progress and the forthcoming migration schedule.