Onboarding sessions – thank you to everyone who attended

Thank you to everyone who attended the on-boarding sessions in early July at Salford Royal.

We hope you found the sessions useful and informative.

More than 370 of you attended over the three days and it was great to meet so many new colleagues who have joined the Trust from Salford City Council.

The on-boarding sessions were led by a Salford Royal Executive Director and colleagues from departments such as Human Resources, finance, Learning and Development and IM&T were also on hand to answer any questions or queries.

New Salford Health and Social Care lanyards were handed out on the day – if you don’t have yours yet, please speak to your manager.

Information was also given on the ‘Hello my name is…’ campaign, the logo which also appears on your new lanyard. The campaign was launched by doctor and terminally ill cancer patient Kate Granger who observed that staff looking after her didn’t introduce themselves. Kate passed away last month.

She decided to launch the ‘Hello my name is…’ campaign via social media and it has now spread worldwide. Kate said a simple introduction is the first rung on the ladder to providing truly person-centred, compassionate care. You can find out more about the campaign online.