The Salford Home Care Transformation Project Workshop 2

Welcome to the event blog for: The Salford Home Care Transformation Project Workshop 2, held on Wednesday 19 April 2017 at the Walkden Gateway, Salford.

In recent years, there have been several national reports highlighting a range of challenges for the home care market that are familiar to both providers and people using services. The contracts for home care provision in Salford expire this October. Therefore, now is the time to explore services as they are now and how they could work in the future.

The Salford Home Care Transformation project aims to facilitate the redesign and transformation of the provision of home care services using a co-design approach. This exciting work builds on the views of staff and colleagues. Patient experience will also be at the heart of the redesign work.



Todays event is the second idea generation workshop for the Salford Home Care Transformation Project. Introducing the session is Cath Broderick from We Consult who explains and states the importance of experience based co design to get the most out of services for both staff and service users.

Cath continues to share what she hopes will be outcomes from the day; what does gold standard home care service looks like. The groups are now encouraged to get to know each other with ice breakers.


Cath now introduces Paul Walsh, Salford Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) Integrated Commissioning Manager, who discusses why we are here today. Paul stresses the importance of consultations, “we want to engage in discussions.” Paul describes how Salford CCG have been doing work around best practice and linking with the Greater Manchester Devolution. To build up the experience based elements of the co-design, 49 interviews have taken place with service users and carers.

Next up is Healthwatch Salford who were commissioned to conduct a home care staff survey across Salford. Delana Lawson, Chief Officer, Healthwatch Salford, now talks through the results of the Healthwatch survey. Delana describes the disconnect between the ideal services and the reality for front line staff. This also included what are the essential elements of good home care. Emerging themes included continuity of relationships, timings, importance of staff morale and quality of staff recruitment. Healthwatch Salford’s full report will be available at the end of April.


Cath now brings the group back together and asks them to share their experiences. There are rich information exchanges from the tables with different perspectives from a range of services within home care. Discussions include reflecting on personal and professional experiences as well as the relevancy of new technology, consistency of care and clearly defined roles.

The group now engages in a voting exercise that will determine the solutions that would make the greatest difference to Salford Home Care.

Clear themes have emerged from the exercise and Edna Boampong, Head of Communication and Engagement at Salford Together, now talks through the solutions that have been proposed and leads the feedback session where groups are encouraged to expand on their ideas.



And that’s a wrap on workshop 2! It’s been a fantastic day with passionate discussion and great idea generation. The next co-design workshop will be held on: Monday 24 April, 12.30pm – 4pm, Buile Hill Hall

Further details and how to get involved here.