Partnership scoops national award in fight against malnutrition

INTEGRATED Partnership work in Salford has received another boost with the Salford Malnutrition Task Force (MTF) winning a national award for its continuing efforts to combat malnutrition amongst older people in the city.test

The MTF took the 2016 excellence in public health and wellbeing award at the House of Commons last week.

The group has taken a ‘Food First’ approach to tackle malnutrition, developing many tools to aid and assist those who might have malnutrition or be in danger of becoming malnourished.

One of these tools was the nationally-recognised PaperWeight Armband, which is a low-cost, non-medical and non- intrusive tool that is slipped around a person’s non-dominant upper arm. If it slides up and down, it could indicate a sign of malnutrition, with specialists suggesting an upper arm measurement of less than 23.5cm, meaning likely your Body Mass Index (BMI) is less than 20 kg/m².

Pictured above, left to right are Jean Rollinson, director of service development, Age UK Salford, Barbara Keeley MP, Dave Haynes, chief executive of Age UK Salford, and Kirstine Farrer, head of innovation and research at Salford Clinical Commissioning Group and consultant dietician at Salford Royal

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