Bringing the Integrated Care Organisation to life!

Independent workforce consultants, Rothwell Douglas Ltd have been brought in to facilitate a leadership and workforce development programme to ensure that staff are involved in the preparation for an ICO and able to contribute to its success.

The leadership development programme for 100 managers from across Salford City Council, GMW and SRFT took place on 10 November at The Curve in Prestwich.

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IC Update spoke to some of those staff that were present on the launch day.

Rachel Moorhouse, SRFT District Nursing Team Leader for the Walkden and Little Hulton integrated care team, said: ““The event was a great opportunity to hear more about the vision for the ICO and I am looking forward to working closely with partners to help us enhance the services, care and treatments we already provide for our patients.” 

Denise Ireland, Team manager at Salford City Council, said: “It [the ICO] will require lots of commitment and knowledge and, if that is there, there will be lots to gain for service users and everyone else.”

Tracy WrightTracy Wright, Senior Manager, Older Adults Community Services at GMW (right), agreed saying: “When we heard the speakers talk about their areas, what the ICO meant, the vision for the future and things like timescales, it started to make sense.”

The workforce development programme began in December, with the first three of the scheduled 13 Culture and Values sessions for 650 staff from across Salford City Council, GMW and SRFT.

Whilst these sessions will be reviewed in more detail in the next ICO Update, initial feedback suggests strong common themes around those changes and improvements that would have the biggest impact and which need to be shared with managers and leaders to help the ICO to work best.

Many commented on the value of being involved at this early stage and the benefit they had got from getting to know one another, thinking through the possibilities and priorities of the changes ahead from both their and their service user’s perspectives.

Staff were encouraged to talk to their colleagues about the day’s events and share concerns and ideas with their line managers in the days and weeks ahead of their second workshop session: Ready for Change, in January 2016.

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Forthcoming ICO milestones

  • March – Final business case for the ICO submitted
  • March – Formal consultation with workforce
  • July – Transfer date

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