Salford paves the way for excellence in integrated care

FOUR health and social care organisations in Salford take pioneering steps towards a world class, fully integrated care system for adults.

Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust, Salford City Council, Salford Clinical Commissioning Group and Greater Manchester West Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust (GMW) are considering the establishment of an integrated care organisation.

This development would create a single organisation for integrated care, across all adult health and social care, with Salford Royal Foundation Trust identified as the potential lead provider.

Sir David Dalton, Chief Executive at Salford Royal, said: “This is a really exciting development for partner organisations in Salford, who have already worked together extremely successfully to create improvements in the care of older people in the city.”

“If we pool together our expertise in an integrated care organisation, residents could expect to receive more coordinated health and social care as it would be provided by health and social care professionals working within the same organisation. ”

“An integrated care organisation would also give partners the opportunity to create more personalised services for residents and work together in a streamlined system to keep patients out of hospital and receiving care closer to home.”

Salford City Mayor Ian Stewart said: “Our main focus with integrated care in Salford has always, and will continue to be, how the council and our partners can better work together to provide the best possible health and social care service for our residents.

“If we can create an integrated care organisation, residents would benefit from a well-coordinated and community focused health and social care system, providing support to help them live and be cared for in their own home, for as long as possible.”

“The Alliance Agreement between the four partners is intended to ensure that our integrated services are efficient and effective. The potential development of an Integrated Care Organisation would ensure that the partners provide a better, joined-up service for residents who require health and social care, and we would expect that this will run efficiently.”

Alan Campbell, Chief Accountable Officer at Salford Clinical Commissioning Group said: “We recognise, together with our partners, that there is always more we can do to work in a joined-up and cohesive way, to provide Salford residents with more confidence in the quality of the service they will receive.”

Gill Green, Director of Operations and Nursing at GMW, said: “In recent years mental health service providers have made great strides in terms of partnership working with other organisations, improving outcomes for patients through increased access to shared expertise and resources.”

“Whilst the Alliance is very much in an embryonic stage, we at GMW are excited about what an integrated care organisation could mean for the people of Salford. Continuing our position as the specialist provider of mental health services in the region, we would work with our partners to provide modern, integrated healthcare for our service users.”

Over the next few months, each of the four organisations will be working closely with their adult health and social care teams to investigate how the creation of this new organisation could provide the residents of Salford with a high quality and enduring service, which fully meets their needs.