Home Care Redesign Feedback, Testing and Refinement Workshop

Welcome to the event blog for: The Salford Home Care Transformation Feedback Workshop, held on Friday 29 September 2017 at at Swinton Park Golf Club.

In recent years, there have been several national reports highlighting a range of challenges for the home care market that are familiar to both providers and people using services. The contracts for home care provision in Salford expire this October. Therefore, now is the time to explore services as they are now and how they could work in the future.

The Salford Home Care Transformation project aims to facilitate the redesign and transformation of the provision of home care services using a co-design approach. This exciting work builds on the views of staff and colleagues. Patient experience will also be at the heart of the redesign work.

There is a great atmosphere in the room as Chief Facilitator Cath Broderick, from We Consult, talks through the objectives of the day and describes todays session as “closing the loop” and how participants feedback is essential in transforming home care services.

Cath introduces Keith Darragh, Director of Resources, Salford Health and Social Care, Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust who begins with a definition and context around the current situation that over 4,000 people are being supported in adult care in Salford and there are 150,000 home care visits for community and support workers. Keith introduces the wider conversation around healthcare that Salford Together are pioneering with The Big Health and Social Care Conversation and discusses Salford Together ambition to provide integrated services close to where people live. This ambition has heavily influenced the future focus of neighbourhood working. Another future focus will be the 12 month piloting of an urgent response team.

Paul Walsh, Salford Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) Integrated Commissioning Manager, reviews the You Said, We Did thematic analysis. Paul describes how Salford CCG have been doing work around best practice and linking with the Greater Manchester Devolution with reference to The Care Act 2014 as a legal framework for commissioning.

Paul and Keith now discuss the findings of the Home Care Report, Keith reminds attendees of what they had come up with and Paul talks through the responses including outlining service specifications wholly based on suggestions made throughout the first three co-design home care workshops. From the feedback given since April, there has been a thematic analysis with key areas identified including timing, value based recruitment and continuity and quality of care. Salford Together have created a set of standards to be built around patients with flexibility highlighted as a essential component. We now split into table discussions exploring the themes identified in the You Said, We Did report.

Cath brings the room back together to give feedback on their chosen themes and Keith responds to the ideas and queries uncovered in the table discussions. We now look at The Big Questions – what should we ask of providers? How do we get the right people and organisations to provide your care? This is the participants opportunity to assist commissioners in securing the right people and services.

Cath explores the top suggestions and highlights the amount of votes given to suggestions around staff including workforce development, personal development and recruitment of quality staff. Having not just right numbers but the right people. Keith now concludes our session by reviewing:

    • Key messages and actions from the day
    • Procurement process and timeline
    • Evaluation and monitoring – how we will continue to involve people in the future

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