My Salford Pledge #MySalfordPledge

At the Salford Together Big Event we celebrated the end of the Big Health and Social Care Conversation. 

The Big Event was an opportunity to reward and thank those who pledged, reveal the Big Conversation survey results and launched #MySalfordPledge

Hundreds of people who pledged to help transform health and social care in the city. System leaders, front line staff and citizens all signed up to make a change and take responsibility for their own wellbeing. 

If you pledged as part of the Big Conversation, we want you to bring your pledge to life on social media. Share your pledge with us, your updates since pledging and why not show us your pledge in action? We want to see your photos and videos, taking the stairs instead of the lift, walking to work or swapping your sweet treat for a healthy snack!

Spot yourself in our short montage of fabulous pledgers from the Big Health and Social Care Conversation:

System leaders were also captured describing the part they’re going to play as we build on the results to ensure Salford’s transformation programme continues to grow and evolve.

If you’ve not yet made your pledge, it’s not too late. Join us today!

But it can’t stop there! Bring your pledge to life – share your pledge in action with us by using #MySalfordPledge on Facebook or Twitter @SalfordTogether

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