Salford’s new falls service

Following the launch of a new falls service in March 2018, we’ve seen many people referred to this new pathway and single triage point.

Since then we’ve seen a substantial rise in referrals, meaning we’re well on the way to identifying and helping more people at risk of harm due to a fall and improving falls prevention in Salford. Thank you for your support!

Are you a Health & Social Care professional working in Salford?

We’re really keen to further improve the numbers of people who may not yet have fallen but are at risk and perhaps have a fear of falling. Many people like this can improve their strength and balance and reduce their risk of falling by attending our low intensity postural stability classes run by our partners in Salford Community Leisure. In order to really make a difference we need to identify more people currently at lower risk and work with them to stop their risk increasing in the future.

Please support us to further reduce our falls in Salford by using the three falls questions and seeking consent to refer where risk is identified (yes to any of the 3 questions):

  • Do you ever lose your balance or feel unsteady on your feet? or

  • Are you worried about falling? or

  • Have you had a fall in the last year?

All referrals should be directed to our single point of triage and clinicians will direct the person to the most suitable part of the pathway to meet their needs.

Refer to: Centre of Contact / 0161 631 4777 / or;

Complete a “Referral to Falls Service” order on EPR. GPs please refer via ERS to the “Salford Integrated Falls & Community Therapy Service”.