#MySalfordPledge Campaign

Citizen involvement and participation is very important to us, and as we look at bringing services closer together we will ensure that the community is placed at the forefront of all we do. We believe that as many people as possible in the city should have a say in the way services are designed and provided.

Big Conversation Survey 

From July through to September 2017, the Salford Big Health and Care Conversation was conducted. The conversation asked Salford residents for their views on how to transform the delivery of Salford Health and Care services.

Throughout the three months, staff and partners reached out to Salford residents at community meetings, shopping centres and summer events to hear their views. A big part of the ‘conversation’ was emphasising the need for people to take more personal responsibility for their health and wellbeing, use services differently and promoting community resilience.

As a result of this, the citizen pledge concept was developed. People were encouraged to consider one step they could take to make a big difference to their own (or their dependents) health and social care outcomes. Leaders, front line staff and citizens of Salford all signed up to make a change and take responsibility for their own wellbeing.

Residents who completed the survey were encouraged to consider one step they could take to make a difference. The 4 pledge titles included in the conversation were:

  • Food and drink – eating more healthily
  • Activity – more exercise
  • Lifestyle – Begin or continue to build towards a healthy lifestyle
  • Use of services – use health and social care services more appropriately

Results from the Big Conversation

As part of the Big Conversation, 1,050 citizen pledges were made. Most of these were focused on continuing to make lifestyle changes and living healthier. One of the key findings was that people recognised that they need to take some responsibility for their own self-care to improve things within Salford. Two new pledge categories were also recognised; community life and self-improvement. From these categories it became clear that there is community spirit within Salford, and many people wanted to get involved with the community more. It also highlighted that taking responsibility for mental health is important for many.

Salford Together Big Event

In January 2017, the Salford Together Big Event was held. The event was an opportunity to celebrate, reward and thank those who pledged, reveal the Big Conversation survey results and officially launch the #MySalfordPledge campaign.


The #MySalfordPledge campaign continued the work started by the Big Conversation and aimed to get our Salford citizens to carry on taking ownership of their own health and care. Residents were encouraged to continue pledging and bring their pledges to life on social media by sharing updates and showing their pledges in action.

People were encouraged to share pledges that would support wellbeing and make a positive impact on services, such as:

  • Using the stairs instead of the lift
  • Being more physically active
  • Helping a neighbour
  • Joining a community group
  • Using services more wisely e.g. using the pharmacist instead of a GP or cancelling an appointment if you don’t need it
  • Only using A & E for emergencies

To build on the fantastic results and support even more residents to pledge, a fitness tracker giveaway was launched in May 2018. People were able to take part using the hashtag on social media, via the form on the website and also at events using pledge postcards. The campaign was a great success, reaching over 2,000 people on Facebook and 43,000 people on Twitter.

Here are just a few examples of pledges we received during the campaign:

We’re really proud of the pledges that have been made as part of the campaign and together, we can continue to improve the way health and care services are provided within our community.

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