Keep A&E free for those who really need it

salford-royal-aandeEACH month, more than 850 people arrive at Salford Royal’s A&E department when they could have been treated more appropriately by another healthcare provider.

During the winter months, emergency departments experience an increased demand for their services making it even more vital that they are kept free for those patients who really need it.

All patients who attend A&E at Salford Royal are initially seen by a triage nurse in order to determine whether they do require urgent attention or whether it would be more appropriate for them to be seen by another healthcare service.

Many common ailments and conditions – such as coughs, colds, toothache, vomiting and diarrhoea – can be treated by a pharmacist, GP or dentist and do not require the specialist care of an emergency department clinician.

Dr Angela Coumbarides, Consultant in Emergency Medicine at Salford Royal, said: “A&E is for serious and life threatening conditions only and it is essential that the department is kept available for those who genuinely need it.

“Those patients who arrive and urgently need our help will be prioritised and those who come to the department with minor injuries or illnesses may be directed to a more appropriate service.

“Nobody wants a long wait in A&E so I would urge everyone to think seriously about whether they have a genuine emergency or whether they could in fact be seen by their GP instead.”

If you urgently need medical help or advice but it’s not a life threatening situation, dial NHS 111 for free.