Transformation in action: Salford Together and the VCSE sector

On Monday 11 September Salford Together hosted a workshop with service providers and representatives from the Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise sector.

Held at Swinton Park Golf Club this was a a fantastic opportunity to have a dialogue with an integral part of the Salford health and care community. The event was hosted as part of the ‘Big Conversation’. The conversation is engaging with patients, service users and the public in the development of proposals to transform the way health and care is delivered in Salford. Through community engagement, we will develop plans and ideas for the way services in Salford might be best shaped and provided in the future.

Salford Together welcomed around 60 attendees and the day’s independent facilitator, Cath Broderick, kicked things off with the ambition for the day – groups leaving the workshop with not only ideas but clear, tangible actions to help the transformation of neighbourhood delivery of health and care services.

Throughout the day, interesting debates took place which resulted in some valuable feedback. The audience heard fantastic presentations, including from Dr Tara Kearney, Chair of Integrated Care Organisation, who set out the challenges faced in Salford, with costs set to increase year after year with a deficit of £65 million by 2020. Louise Murray, Deputy CEO at Salford CVS presented an overview of Salford’s Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise (VCSE) sector and the effects of austerity.

Bruce Poole, Health and Wellbeing Manager for Long Term Condition Prevention Programme detailed the success of the Sleep Matters Project and we welcomed Jean Rollinson, Director of Age Well Strategy at AgeUK Salford – both fantastic examplars of the value of the VCSE in our Health and Social Care work.

Neil Turton, Chief Executive, Salford Primary Care Together shared the agreement that adult transformation activity will focus on a number of key programmes of work in order to accelerate the shift to neighbourhood working and the room discussed the  four priorities for Salford Together;

  1. Work in partnership to create the neighbourhood leadership and delivery model
  2. Work closely with Salford Primary Care Together to further develop Primary Care to support neighbourhood working
  3. Create a co-ordinated approach to extended care (home care, home safe, intermediate care, virtual ward, care homes) to support neighbourhood working
  4. Redesign the pathway for long term conditions across community assets, adult social care, physical and mental health, focusing on CVD initially

Following this presentation, the room broke off into 5 groups to discuss the five neighbourhood delivery priority areas for Salford.

More Than Minutes were on hand to create a visual representation of the conversations taking place throughout the day – no mean feat!

We also captured some of our attendees on camera, who shared with us their hopes for this event and for future working. Head over to our Twitter page or read our social media review.

One of the most interesting parts of the day were the discussions taking place between Health and Social Care partners and the VCSE sector. Towards the end of the event the group shared reflections and ideas including identifying issues to overcome, solutions to those challenges and the benefits from working together. Topics discussed included; establishing clear priority areas, transparent funding, innovation project results, community care, self care and signposting services efficiently.

Louise Murray lead the room through the guiding principles and commitments for working together going forward and we spent time, in groups discussing how the VCSE sector and Salford Together can work together in the future to shape neighbourhood services. Find out more about these principles and future working in our live event blog.

The main, takeaway message from this event was the importance of engagement of this kind, partnership working and ensuring happy and mutually beneficial relationships going forward. All in the room said this was just the beginning of the journey and that more events and communications were needed to build relationships to which will ultimately benefit Salford citizens.

The ‘Big Conversation‘ will run until the end of September, find out more and share your thoughts with us online.

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