Falls Posters in Salford Leisure Centres/Swimming Pools

Salford partners have come together to place key falls awareness posters in key locations where people exercise.

Salford Community Leisure has placed the colourful posters outside leisure centres, poolside at the city’s swimming pools and in gyms.

The aim of the campaign, which involves all Salford NHS organisations alongside Salford City Council and the Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise sector, is to lower the number of falls in Salford because:

  • Salford has one of the highest rates of falls causing injuries requiring hospital admission amongst older people  in Greater Manchester
  • One in three adults aged over 65 fall at least once a year
  • This means there are around 11,667 falls by people over 65 years old in Salford
  • NHS England spends £15 million a year nationwide on fall-related injuries – and another £2 BILLION on hip fractures